224 pp paperback
Published by Marshall Cavendish

Hi. I'm Andy Maslen, an independent copywriter specialising in business-to-business (b2b), subscriptions and direct response.

The Copywriting Sourcebook: How to Write Better Copy, Faster - For Everything from Ads to Websites

I remember my first ever copywriting job. It was 1986 and I had to write a sales letter. All I remember was my panic at having to fill two sides of A4 with selling copy … before lunchtime.

What I would have given for some simple guidelines on what to include, how to structure it and what style to adopt. I guess that memory was behind my idea for The Copywriting Sourcebook.

You don’t need to read the whole book – or not in one go anyway – just turn to the chapter that deals with the marketing piece you’re writing now.

In its 224 pages, I give you step-by-step advice and templates for 12 of the most common copywriting tasks, plus a separate chapter focusing on headlines. I’ve drawn on my experience writing copy both in corporate marketing roles and, since 1996, as an independent copywriter working for hundreds of different clients all over the world.

You get explicit, practical, step-by-step guidelines that help you write better copy, faster. For a wide range of formats, both online and offline. I help you answer the big questions we all face as copywriters:

  1. How do I write copy that works in any format?
  2. How do I adapt copy from print to digital communications?
  3. What is the best way to set out any type of sales or marketing piece?
  4. How can I save time when writing copy under pressure?

And what of the Internet? I have argued in the past that good copy works wherever you put it. That’s true at the conceptual level, but there are differences between the web and print and I explore them in the chapters on emails, e-zines, AdWords and web pages.

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Seven ways this book helps you

  1. Helps you achieve sales, marketing and commercial goals.
  2. Gives you easy-to-follow advice on the right way to write copy.
  3. Provides real-world examples of different copywriting styles and tones of voice.
  4. Allows you to write better copy, faster.
  5. Takes the stress out of planning and writing any type of marketing or sales copy.
  6. Shows you proven shortcuts for beginnings, middles and ends.
  7. Explains how a professional copywriter goes about his work.

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  1. Headline
  2. Sales letter
  3. Case study
  4. Press release
  5. Flyer/brochure
  6. Press ad
  7. Presentation
  8. E-zine
  9. Corporate brochure
  10. Email
  11. Adword
  12. Article
  13. Web page
  14. Endpiece

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About Andy Maslen

I have spent 23 years in the business communications and information industry. I began my marketing career at Euromonitor, a leading research publisher, as a marketing assistant.

At 27 I was promoted to Marketing Director, leading teams in London and Chicago. During my ten years there, I created and managed over 2,000 marketing and sales campaigns.

After six years heading the marketing function, I resigned to return to my first love—writing—and to set up my own creative agency, Sunfish. I now divide my time between copywriting, training and writing books.

As a specialist independent copywriter and writing coach, I work with organisations of all sizes and across widely differing sectors, helping them build sales and profits using the written word.

I write articles regularly for InCirculation—a best-practice magazine for magazine and newspaper publishers—and have also contributed to B2B Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing International. I also publish my own monthly e-zine—Maslen on Marketing.

I have spoken at workshops, seminars and conferences organised by The Data Publishers’ Association, the UK Newsletter and Electronic Publishers’ Association and the Independent Publishers’ Guild; as well as in-house events for The Economist Intelligence Unit, Euromoney and T&F Informa.

My clients

  • Large global businesses:
    The Economist Group, Euromoney Institutional Investor, Pitney Bowes, Dun & Bradstreet, News International, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Charities and the public sector:
    The Landscape Trust, the Small Business Service
  • Smaller national companies:
    A a night nanny agency, a transport company, a restaurant, a TV production company, a sporting social club for well-heeled singles.

My training business, Write for Results, which I co-own with a business partner, is the preferred supplier to The Economist Group and works with managers at AstraZeneca, Bank of America, BP, Emap, Nationwide Building Society and PricewaterhouseCoopers, among others.

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What Andy's clients say about his copy

My copy works—you can tell from the number of clients who come back to me for project after project. Their opinions speak volumes:

“We have had further very favourable response to our Tattoo mailer today. With your excellent copy writing we have generated the best ever response to any internal DM campaign that we have run .”

Terry Turner, Managing Director, Priority Newstrade, Mailing & Digital

“Many thanks for the work you put into our Group Capabilities project. The copy itself was exactly what we were looking for: clear, concise, high-impact. On top of that, you added a huge amount of value by helping us shape the ideas behind the concept, so that we ended up with a compelling story, not just a bunch of random facts. Working with you was great fun and highly productive. I hope we can do it again soon.”

David Laird, Group Commercial Director, The Economist Group

“You'll be glad to know that both the Personal Computer World and Computeractive new letters that you've produced for me have significantly outperformed my control pack. Therefore I'd like to use your copy & designs for the next few mailings to the end of the year.”

Harriet Cumming, Subscriptions Controller, VNU Business Publications

“We appreciated this work and didn't really change anything before broadcasting. We also used the 'Billion Dollar Baby' headline as the subject line in an email which got the best opening rate of an email for this particular campaign. So many thanks for this - I look forward to working with you again soon.”

Jason Coles, Marketing Manager, Euromoney Seminars

“I wanted to pass along a thank you for your work on the November 10th conference. I am always in awe of creative folks that can take our words and create the most incredibly readable and appealing documents. Once we come to a decision on the Observatory for the UK, I will be counting on your talents to customize and beautify our marketing pieces.”

Yvonne Fizer, Business Development, Sirolli Institute

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Andy Maslen

Praise for Andy Maslen's first book on copywriting -Write to Sell

“If I were starting out as a writer tomorrow, I would definitely want to read this book. I pretty much taught myself most of the tricks all those years ago - and it took me far too long. Had I read it, it would have saved me years of trial and, for the most part, error.”

Drayton Bird, the godfather of direct marketing

“Hi Andy,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your 'Write to Sell' book which I bought recently. I set up my own business a year ago and have regularly purchased books and self-help guides to help me through the process.

Your book is exceptional - not only is it terrific to read (obvious I know but worth saying), it has helped guide me like no other.

And even more importantly it will help me to help my clients. It has made me want to sign up to your newsletter, which I'll now do. Thank you - please keep your great advice coming!”

Best wishes,
Fiona Barker
barker pr

"This book is a gem. Not only enjoyable to read but packed full of useful and practical tips for better copywriting. Andy has a talent for making the subject of good writing lively and fun as well as hugely educational."

Sally Bibb, Group Sales Development Director
The Economist Group